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    Linear A Level Physics

    Units covered:

    1. Measurements and their errors
    2. Particles and radiation
    3. Waves
    4. Mechanics and materials
    5. Electricity
    6. Further mechanics and thermal physics
    7. Fields and their consequences
    8. Nuclear physics
    9. Astrophysics

    The course is assessed by 3 examinations. Each examination is 2 hours long. Paper 1 assesses units 1 to 5 and 6.1 (Periodic motion). Paper 2 assesses units 6.2 (Thermal Physics), 7 and 8.

    Paper 3 is in 2 sections. Section A assesses Practical skills including data analysis, Section B assesses the Astrophysics unit.

    The coursework element in A Level Physics has been replaced by a focus on practical skills over a range of core practicals. As well as answering questions in written exams, students’ practical skills will be assessed by teachers as part of the Practical Endorsement at A Level. This is separate to the A Level grade and will be reported as a ‘Pass’ on A Level certificates.

    Overall, at least 40% of the marks in assessments for physics will require the use of mathematical skills.


    Entry Requirements: As stated in the Admission Policy

    Special Requirements: Grade 6/6 or above in combined science or two grade 6 (including Physics and one other science) if taken as triple science.

    Studying A Level Maths with Physics is NOT a requirement, but is an advantage, as is taking Physics alongside other Science subjects.

    Exam Board: AQA