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    Music Places 2025

    Music Places – for transfer from Year 6 to Year 7 in 2025

    We are looking for students who show exceptional musical aptitude and/or ability. Please find information on the Music Application process on the Admissions page.

    • Eight Music places are allocated each year to students transferring from Year 6 to Year 7.
    • Three places are offered on the basis of musical aptitude.
    • Five places are offered on the basis of musical aptitude and ability.

    All music applicants will sit a multiple choice listening aptitude test in music. This test is designed to be an objective measure of musical aptitude and does not require any prior training, practice or knowledge of music theory. The three highest scoring candidates will be informed that should they wish to apply for a place at the school, they will be offered a place on the basis of musical aptitude (if Camden School for Girls is matched by the secondary transfer system as a preference).

    The remaining 50 highest scoring candidates in this listening test will be invited back for a performance audition. Students will be asked to perform on one or two instruments/voice for up to 5 minutes to further demonstrate their musical aptitude and ability for consideration for the other five places.

    The music application is in addition to the secondary transfer application. You should complete the online registration process if you wish to apply for a music place. For a music place, please follow instructions following the completion of the banding registration. If you wish to apply to the school you need to complete the pan-London secondary transfer form in conjunction with your local authority.