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    Music is a vibrant part of the culture of Camden School for Girls. The school has a musical tradition stretching back over many decades and have built numerous links with other local schools and music organisations.

    The aim of the department is to engage students in genuine music-making. We focus on teaching students the necessary skills and concepts to make music with confidence and enthusiasm and to provide a broad range of opportunities for them to do so. This is carried out within three complementary areas: the timetabled curriculum, the extended curriculum and the instrumental service.

    Timetabled Curriculum

    We believe that music lessons at KS3 are fundamental to our students' musical journey. The high-quality, positive musical experiences we create in Years 7, 8 and 9 prepare our students to continue their involvement in music-making as they progress through the school.

    Our aim is to develop the students' musical skills and understanding through exploring a broad range of culturally diverse styles, genres and traditions.

    Curriculum Information

    Extended Curriculum

    Music Ensembles

    The school has a thriving extended curriculum. Our regular ensembles include:

    • Junior Voices - This choir is open to all students in years 7 and 8
    • String Group - This group is for orchestral string players of grade 2 standard and above                
    • Woodwind Group - This group is for orchestral woodwind players of grade 2 standard and above                     
    • Brass Group - This group is for brass players of grade 2 standard and above     
    • Big Band - The group is open to players of woodwind, brass, drum kit, guitarists, pianists and electric/double bass players. This group is for players of grade 4 standard and above
    • Symphony Orchestra - This group is for more advanced orchestral players of grade 5 standard and above                                            
    • Chamber Choir - This choir is for singers in Year 9 and above             

    These groups rehearse regularly at lunchtimes and before or after school and they perform in public concerts throughout the year. Pupils also publicly perform work that they have prepared in their timetabled lessons.

    These activities allow pupils who show a particular aptitude and enthusiasm for music to develop their skills further.

    Vocal and Instrumental Lessons

    A wide variety of individual vocal and instrumental lessons are available in school.
    We have a team of around 20 visiting tutors who work with our students.

    Fees are charged for these lessons with discounts available for students on Pupil Premium or 6th form Bursary.

    Enrolment takes place at the start of each half-term. Applications must be received at least three weeks prior to the end of the previous half-term. Please email to receive the application form.

    Lessons take place during the normal school day but the times rotate so that the same curriculum lesson is not missed every week. Sometimes lessons will take place at break, lunchtime or after school but priorities will be given to those in the 6th form. Sixth form students will have a lesson in their free periods, lunch break or before/after school.


    Visiting music teachers prepare the weekly lesson timetables which are accessed by all students on Google Classroom.


    If you have any questions, please email