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    Government and Politics

    A Level Government and Politics

    No prior knowledge of Politics is required to study A Level Government and Politics but naturally an interest in current affairs helps!

    The course, over two years provides a balanced political education, giving an opportunity to be really well informed about how the British system works and comparing it to the American system. You will also gain an understanding of the main Political ideologies, examining their key ideas, how they have changed over history and how they influence current parties and policies.

    Year 12

    Government of the UK

    The nature of the British Constitution

    The role and powers of Parliament

    The powers of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet

    The role of the Supreme Court  

    Political Participation in the UK

    Democracy and participation: the development of rights and democracy in the UK, the influence of pressure groups, think tanks, lobbyists and media.

    Elections and voting: Advantages and disadvantages of different voting system and referendums.

    Political parties: Development and key ideas

    The European Union

    Year 13

    Political Ideas

    The core ideas, principles and strands within the following ideologies:

    Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism. (There will be a fourth ideology yet to be decided)

    Government and Politics of the USA

    The Constitution: The key features and how it differs from the UK constitution.

    Congress: Structure, function and power of Congress. How it differs from UK Parliamentary system.  

    President: Role and powers. How it differs from UK Prime Minister.

    Supreme Court: Role and significance and how it differ from the UK Supreme Court.

    Democracy and Participation: Presidential and Congressional elections, key ideas of Democratic and Republican parties. How it differs from the UK party system.

    Civil Rights: The protection of rights in the USA today and how it differs from the UK.

    There will be three exam papers at the end of year 13:

    1. UK Politics and Core Political Ideas

    2. UK Government

    3. Comparative Politics: USA

    Each paper is 2hrs long, worth 84 marks and includes some form of essay writing.

    Entry Requirements: As stated in the Admission Policy

    Exam Board: Edexcel