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    Why study Geography A Level at Camden?

    We have chosen Edexcel as our examination board for geography.  We think they have designed a curriculum that is engaging and that will enable students to engage critically with real world issues and places.  Students will explore and evaluate contemporary geographical questions and issues such as the consequences of globalisation, responses to hazards, water insecurity and climate change.  Our experience of Edexcel in the past suggests that it effectively supports progression to undergraduate level geography; it is not unusual for half our A Level geographers to go on to study the subject at university.  Students will be taught by two teachers, each focusing on their own subject specialisms. Full details here.

    Contact: Mr Evans, Head of Geography.

    Paper 1: Physical Geography

    • Written examination: 2 hours 
    • 30% of the qualification
    Content overview
    • Tectonic Processes and Hazards
    • Landscape Systems, Processes and Change
    • The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity
    • The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security
    • Climate Change Futures

    Paper 2: Human Geography

    • Written examination: 2 hours
    • 30% of the qualification
    Content overview
    • Globalisation
    • Shaping Places
    • Superpowers
    • Migration, Sovereignty and Identity

    Paper 3: Synoptic investigation

    • Written examination: 1 hour and 45 minutes
    • 20% of the qualification


    The synoptic investigation will be based on a geographical issue about a named case location rooted in two or more of the compulsory content areas from Papers 1 or 2.

    Coursework: Independent Investigation

    • 20% of the qualification 

    The students will write a research report of 3000-4000 words about a question of their choice relating to any aspect of geography contained within the previous examination content.  The student’s investigation will incorporate fieldwork data and their own research and/or secondary data.  The fieldwork which forms the focus and context of the individual investigation may be either human, physical or integrated physical-human.


    Fieldwork is a compulsory component of the geography course.  It has a number of functions but, in particular, supports the Independent Investigation.  We run a residential field trip to Sussex and conduct additional fieldwork in the Borough of Camden. 

    Entry requirements: As stated in the Admission Policy

    Special Requirements: Including grade 6 or above at GCSE Geography

    Exam Board: Edexcel

    Y12 Geography Site

    Y13 Geography Site