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    All Topics Username: camdengirls, Password: total28

    Using computer systems, Legal issues, Software, Protecting information, Spreadsheets and modelling, Databases, Internet, Organisations and ICT  
    Coding Projects Students who study discrete ICT have login details and work set for them

    Computer Science


    Craig Dave YouTube videos

    GCSE OCR Computer Science revision and practice


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    Hegarty Maths
    Corbett Maths 

    Design Technology:


    The department buy in the revision guides, so students will either have these already or can purchase these in Y11.

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    Course materials from Edexcel  Includes specimen papers
    Elizabeth I BBC bitesize-very good revision activities
    Weimer & Nazi Germany BBC bitesize-very good revision activities
    Weimer & Nazi Germany Good revision materials
    The Cold War BBC Bitesize - very good revision activities
    Crime & Punishment  Lots of useful video clips
    Specimen papers from AQA  

    Classics and Latin:

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    Latin GCSE Vocabulary Intelligent vocabulary tester
    Latin GCSE Language Handy explainers
    GCSE Greek Vocabulary and grammar
    GCSE Classics Site GCSE Classical Civilisation ( Sign in with your school email login
    GCSE Latin Site Latin GCSE ( Sign in with your school email login


    There are no specific Greek study guides to buy, but students have everything they need in John Taylor's Greek to GCSE, which was posted home at the start of lockdown. They should focus on consolidating their vocabulary knowledge on Memrise and on continuing to work through the activities in the textbook.



    Everything students need is on their Google Classroom already, but these may also be useful:


    All Y10 students already have a textbook and a revision guide.  

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    Lesson material, revision material, exam papers, help videos, links to helpful websites  Camden GCSE geography site ( Sign in with your school email login




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    Notes on all the topics and set works for your GCSE Music exam

    GCSE Music - Edexcel - BBC Bitesize

    Edexcel GCSE Music Revision Guide by Paul Terry, £5.77 on Amazon



    Topic Link Additional Information Has different levels, ask your teacher for password Good for topic and grammar revision  You can search for a topic or use your teacher’s tasks 

    Linked to the topics learnt in lessons, you can practise all skills, ask your teacher for your login details. lots of GCSE practice for every topic, arranged per exam board  French news Spanish news
      Spanish KS3 and GCSE Links

    AQA exam board for all exam specific